From What a Boy Saw in the Army

Listed below are a variety of images of people, places, and things related to this blog.  They are organized into albums, which you can view by clicking the links below.  Also listed are images known to exist for which I do not have a copy to share.

79th Pennsylvania Officers
Also, the following photographs are known to exist:
  1. Officers' Oval from May 1865 with ~30 officers.  LCHS, Ronn Palm, and Private Collection.
  2. Bodie, Lyman.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.
  3. Hambright, Henry
    • Bureau of the State Museum of Pennsylvania:  86.21 Unknown. General Henry Augustus Hambright, ca. 1845. 36”” x 30””
    • Painting of Henry A. Hambright hangs on the first floor of the Lancaster County Public Library.
  4. Hopkins, Washington.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.
  5. Miles, David.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.
  6. Test, Henry.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.
  7. Wickersham, Morris D.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.
  8. Wisner, Sigmund.  Brent Musser, Jr. Collection.

79th Pennsylvania Soldiers
Also, the following photographs are known to exist: 
  1. Barr, Jacob K.  Brent Musser, Jr., Collection.
  2. Hambright, Emanuel.  Brent Musser, Jr., Collection. 
  3. Ihrig, William.  Private collection, see LCHS Journal article reference.
  4. Leech, John.  Brent Musser, Jr., Collection.  
  5. Leib, William E.  Ronn Palm Collection.
  6. Morton, John H.  Ronn Palm Collection.
  7. Rudy, Emanuel.  Private Collection.
Lancaster Civilians (Identified)

Lancaster Civilians (Unidentified)

Cartes-de-visite albums
Album of unidentified Lancasterians (post)
Annie Shoemaker family album (post)

Gill Stereoviews of Lancaster City (post)
Gill Stereoviews of Lancaster County (post)
Other images of places in Lancaster

S. H. Zahm Patriotic Covers (post)

Cemeteries and Grave Stones

I endeavor to be conscientious when it comes to using images on this blog, so any image appearing on this blog falls into one of the following categories:
  1. Author's personal collection, denoted "vws".
  2. Privately owned images used with permission.
  3. Public domain, which is a little hazy for unpublished Civil War photographs (or faithful reproductions thereof) but which applies to some situations, especially faithful reproductions of original images whose copyright has expired.
  4. "Fair Use" exception to copyright, which is also a little hazy but possibly applicable depending on fair use guidelines given the educational aim of this blog.