Wartime Newspapers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Regimental History (Official and Quasi-Official Sources)
Regimental History (Other Sources)
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Wartime Newspapers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Daily Evening Express (microfilm, also bound volumes at Lancaster County Historical Society)
  • Weekly Express (unclear if this is a distinct newspaper from the daily version)
  • Lancaster Inquirer (microfilm, also bound partial-volumes at Lancaster County Historical Society)--weekly plus daily 1862-1864
  • Lancaster Intelligencer (digitized: browse and search)--weekly plus daily 1864-
  • Lancaster Examiner and Herald (digitized: browse, search)
  • Church Advocate (published in Lancaster for a national audience; bound volumes in private collection, at Lancaster County Historical Society, and Bowling Green State University which has published a list of soldiers' letters appearing in the newspaper
  • Lancaster Union (no surviving copies?)
  • Volksfreund und Beobachter (no surviving copies?)
  •  Columbia Spy (digitized: browse and search)
  •  The Mariettan (digitized: browse and search)
  • (Also, for Company D of Monongahela City, see Monongahela Republican)

Regimental History (Official and Quasi-Official Sources)
Regimental History (Other Sources)
  • 79th Pennsylvania Wikipedia entry
  • Williams, Harrison C. "Regimental History of the 79th Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War: The Lancaster County Regiment."  Lancaster County Historical Society Journal (84) 17-36.
  • Heisey, M. Luther. "The Gallant Seventy-Ninth Regiment." Lancaster County Historical Society Journal (66) 107-129.
  • Sauers, Richard.  "79th Infantry." Advance the Colors: Pennsylvania Civil War Battleflags. vol. 1,1987: 214-216.  Note that the information about the Battle of Chickamauga is incorrect, as Official Records reports confuse the 77th Pennsylvania, the 79th Pennsylvania, and the 79th Illinois.
  • Vaughan, Walter J.  The Brand of Coward: Masculine and Patriotic Expectations in a Civil War Town.  Ph.D. Thesis at Case Western Reserve University, 1996.  Includes information on Co. D, 79th Pennsylvania, and the town of Monongahela City, Pennsylvania.  
79th Pennsylvania Soldier Sources
*Note: For simplicity, ranks mentioned below are ranks as of enlistment.


"Ipse Dixit"
Letters, Inquirer

"The Missionary"
Letters, Inquirer

Field and Staff Officers

Col. Henry A. Hambright
Letter in Kendrick Letters

Musician Oscar C. M. Caines
Letters, Inquirer (aka Judge)

Hospital Steward John B. Chamberlain
Letters, Inquirer (aka Occasional, possibly also Ipse Dixit)

Company A

Capt. William G. Kendrick
William G. Kendrick, His Letters Home From the Civil War

Pvt. Kersey Bradley
Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, 1990 (from family collection)

Pvt. Elijah Erwin
Letters (2), Gettysburg College Library

Pvt. Harrison Gibble
27 letters sold individually at auction in 2019 by Raynors' Historical Collectibles
Most were procured by a single individual and are in a private collection.

Pvt. John W. Grosh
Archive with approximately 130 items at the Huntington Library (San Marino, CA)
Sold at auction for $9,000 in 2016

Pvt. George Miller
Letters, Military History Institute, Army War College (Carlisle, PA)

Pvt. William Schaum
Diary, Duke University Library

Company B

Capt. John H. Druckenmiller
Diary, Lancaster County Historical Society

Sgt. William McCaskey
Letters, Lancaster County Historical Society
The Letters of William S. McCaskey
Over a hundred other letters and photographs--almost exclusively post-war--have been auctioned off on eBay since 2004.

Sgt. William T. Clark
Diary, Lancaster County Historical Society
Letter, Private Collection (ra)
Letters dated 3/16/1862 and 5/9/1865, Private Collection (vws)

Pvt. William Blantz
Letter, Private Collection (auction in 2010)

Pvt. John C. Rutter
Diary, 1864-5, donated to Penn State Libraries Special Collections (University Park) in 2015

Company C

Pvt. William J. Ihrig
Peters, Norman R. "Dovetailing Ihrig Family Legend and Fact: The Story of Great, Great Grandfather and the Underground Railroad." Journal of the LCHS. Spring/Summer 2004.

Company D

(Also see Monongahela Republican newspaper.)

Pvt. Adam S. Johnston
Soldier Boy's Diary Book, 1866.

Pvt. William Woodward
Scrapbook, Perryville National Battlefield

Company E

Capt. Morris D. Wickersham
Letter(s), Daily Evening Express (M.D.W.)

Sgt. Edwin McC. Boring 
Diaries and/or Letters, Private Collection

Corp. Elias H. Witmer
Letters published in Lancaster Daily Evening Express (E.H.W., "Georgia")
Letters (2) published in Church Advocate

Pvt. Edwin K. Martin
Various speeches during and after war
Post-war newspaper correspondence(?)

Pvt. Reuben C. Long
Letters, Lancaster County Historical Society

Pvt. Sigmund E. Wisner (later Sgt. Maj. and 1st Lt. in Co. F)
Collection, Heinz History Center. This is Wisner's handwritten history of the regiment, which was published in the October 8, 1877, New Era

Pvt. Jacob H. Witmer
Letters(2), Private Collection

Company F

Sgt. John Eicker
Memoirs, Military History Institute, Army War College (Carlisle, PA)

Company G

Pvt. John Worden Davis
Letter, Transcribed on "Spared and Shared"

Lt. W. Wilberforce Nevin
Letters published in Lancaster Daily Evening Express
Letters, Library of Congress

Company H

Cpl. John B. Morton
Diary, Private Collection

Pvt. Samuel Drum
Diary, Private Collection

Pvt. Lewis Jones
Diary and Letters, Lancaster County Historical Society
Also published here.

Company I

Corp. Henry M. Geiter
Letters, Lancaster Intelligencer (aka Ajax)

Corp. Henry W. Miller

Company K

Lt. John M. Johnston
Letter(s), Daily Evening Express (R?)
Post-war writings published in newspapers
Diary referenced in possession of family in 1890s
"A Night with Bushwhackers." Blue and Gray 2 (1893): 328-331. 
Account of the Battle of Chickamauga, New Era September 10, 1892

Pvt. James H. Marshall
Letter, Examiner and Herald (aka "M.H.J.")
Letters, Daily Evening Express

Pvt. Cyrus R. Gramm
Letter, Church Advocate

Other Relevant Sources

Additional Lancaster History Resources
Lancaster City and County Directories, 1843-1914 (digitized)
Lancaster Daily Intelligencer, 1880-1889 (digitized)
A Biographical History of Lancaster County (1872)
Portrait And Biographical Record of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1894)
Biographical Annals of Lancaster County (1903)

CA: Church Advocate
CDV: Carte-de-visite, a form of paper photographs that became immensely popular during the Civil War
DEE: Lancaster Daily Evening Express
FLI: Frank Leslie's Illustrated
HW: Harper's Weekly
HWM: Henry Witmer Miller Civil War Letters
INQ: Lancaster Inquirer 
JHD: John H. Druckenmiller Diary
JLCHS: Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society
LEH: Lancaster Examiner and Herald
Lancaster Intelligencer
LHJ: Lewis Jones Letters
LM: Lutheran and Missionary (Philadelphia)
Author's collection
William G. Kendrick Letters
WTC: William T. Clark Diary

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