August 12, 2011

It's Official: Raise a Regiment

Location: Lancaster, PA, USA
Post-war image of Gen. Henry A. Hambright.  (Source

On the morning of Sunday, August 11, 1861, Henry A. Hambright returned to Lancaster from his trip to Washington having achieved exactly what he set out to accomplish: securing authorization to raise a new regiment.  Hambright--a veteran of the Mexican War and antebellum militia leader widely recognized for his military acumen--had just concluded three months' service with the "Jackson Rifles" (Co. K, 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry).  The Daily Evening Express ran the following announcement: (alternate link)

Other newspapers across Lancaster County and Pennsylvania picked up the announcement and added praise for soon-to-be Col. Hambright, who also held a regular army captain's commission.  It was rumored that, based on Hambright's reputation, returning volunteer companies from across the state were clamoring to be included in Hambright's regiment. Stay tuned for the chaotic recruitment over the next few weeks as Hambright tries to assemble the a regiment amid state and local pressures for deciding who's in and who's out...

Also, I'll append two news items related to the Jackson Rifles also appearing in the August 12 Express: (alternate link)


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