July 3, 2012

With the US Military Telegraph on the Peninsula Campaign

Location: Gaines Mill, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, USA
Lowe's Balloon Ascension (Source)
Seeing a post today by Craig Swain on the actions of the U.S. Signal Corps jostled my memory to remind me that there was a letter about telegraph operations in the Daily Evening Express from June 1862.  Parker Spring, a resident of Lancaster, had the exciting role of superintending construction of the United States Military Telegraph for General McClellan during the Peninsula Campaign.  His most interesting moment might have been running a telegraph wire to Prof. Thaddeus Lowe in his observation balloon.

Here's his letter, which appeared in the June 10, 1862, Daily Evening Express (alternate link).  Note that this letter was also excerpted in the New York Times and various other papers.

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