November 22, 2011

A Camp Nevin Letter from F. J. Bender

Location: Camp Nevin, Hardin County, Kentucky
Card for Mount Joy Church of God from 1870s.
F. J. Bender attended this church before the war.  (Source)

Back to the Church Advocate for today's letter authored by Pvt. Flavius J. Bender, formerly of Mount Joy, Lancaster County, and lately of Company C, 77th Pennsylvania.  I'm posting it two days early as there's a 79th PA letter also written on November 24, 1861. In the way of reminders, the Church Advocate was a religious newspaper published in Lancaster by the Church of God (Winebrenner), a Baptist-like offshoot of the German Reformed Church, and the 77th Pennsylvania was one of three regiments (including the 78th and 79th Pennsylvania) that initially formed Negley's Brigade.

Look forward to some excitement, with good and bad news from the regiment, as they strike tents and march South on November 26, 1861.

From the December 19, 1861, Church Advocate: (alternate link)

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  1. Flavius was my ggggrandfather's nephew.
    Jack Bender, III