November 1, 2011

Office Hours: Ask Me a Question

From Hardtack and Coffee
Since today marks the three-month anniversary of my first post, I thought it would be good to offer an opportunity for readers to ask any question about Lancaster County, the 79th Pennsylvania, and the Civil War.  As I've touched on many topics, are there any background questions that could make things clearer for you?  Also, what would you like to know about Lancaster in the 1860s or the regiment that it sent to war?  Something about life in Lancaster at the time?  The grand military strategy?  The politics?  The technology?  The officers and men of the regiment?  How to do research? 

I'll be happy to do some digging, try to patch together an explanation of something, find a relevant source, or just flat-out make something up.  Post a question in the comments section below or on the blog's Facebook page anytime between now and the end of November.  It's a fascinating topic to me, so I look forward to the conversations!  

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