December 14, 2011

Following Along?

Location: Munfordville, KY, USA
If so, here's a map to help track the movements of the 79th Pennsylvania through February 1862.  The blue numbers correspond to the regiment's encampments, with a key provided below.  The map is the detail of an 1863 military map of Kentucky and Tennessee that is part of the National Archives' collection of maps from the Office of the Chief of Engineers, War Department. [EDIT: Updated link:] <Click here> to see the image in a viewer where you can zoom in.

Approximate locations of the encampments of the 79th Pennsylvania
Map Key, with dates of arrival:
(1) Camp Nevin, October 23, 1861
(2) Camp Negley, November 26, 1861
(3) Camp Hambright, December 5, 1861
(4) Bacon Creek, December 11, 1861
(5) Camp Wood, December 17, 1861

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