December 22, 2011

A Sabbath Day Letter from Camp Wood

Location: Munfordville, KY, USA
Bridge over the Green River, Munfordville, Kentucky (HW 2/25/1860)

On December 22, 1861, Corp. Elias H. Witmer—the normal correspondent of the Lancaster Daily Evening Express in the 79th Pennsylvania—wrote his second (and final) letter to the Church Advocate, a religious newspaper affiliated with the Church of God that was published in Lancaster. Earlier this month, I excerpted part of this letter in a post on the first death in the 79th Pennsylvania’s ranks, that of Pvt. Samuel Clair of Company E. Now that I’m back in Lancaster for two weeks, family and other obligations prevent me from having the time to go into further detail about the letter, but I think it stands pretty well on its own. Topics include religion in army life, the town of Munfordville where the regiment camped, the death of Samuel Clair, and the Battle of Rowlett’s Station.

From the January 9, 1862, Church Advocate: (alternate link)

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