December 18, 2011

'By Degrees We Are Advancing': The 77th Pa Moves South

Location: 45 Morgans Raiders Ave, Bonnieville, KY 42713, USA
Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood
of Kentucky (Source)
I missed this letter a couple days ago, so let's go back to December 16, 1861, and Bacon Creek Station with the 77th Pennsylvania, which had recently and unhappily been transferred from Negley's Brigade to the command of Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood.  Both versions of "Camp Wood," one near Bacon Creek Station and the other at Munfordville, were named after the general, who was a native of Munfordville.

The letter was written by Pvt. Flavius J. Bender, one of fourteen men from Mount Joy, Lancaster County, who joined Company C, 77th Pennsylvania.  It was published in the January 16, 1862, edition of the Church Advocate, a religious newspaper printed in Lancaster as the organ of the Church of God (Winebrenner).  The letter discusses the new challenge of life on the move with the army, conditions in Kentucky, and faith in the regiment: (alternate link)

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  1. Flavius was he nephew of my ggggrandfather Jacob Bender of Mt. Joy PA. later of Harrisburg.
    Col. Jack Bender, III Halstead, KS. 67056